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WAK-9 Training

Unleashing Your Dog’s Potential


Services We Offer

Positive Pet Training, Behavior Modification, Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience, E-Collar Training, Service Animal Consulting, Boarding, Doggy Daycare

At WAK-9 Training, we try to remain on the cutting edge of animal behavioral science. Offering the most effective, veterinarian-backed training methodologies in Central Oregon. Providing a range of both private and group classes to fit your specific needs, all of our trainers are equipped to help you achieve your goals. From impulse control and obedience to complex commands and tricks—no pet is untrainable.


Group Training

Ready. Set. Train.

We will provide you with tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion. Our guidance creates pets that are balanced, mentally and physically.

Private Training

A Little Goes a Long Way

Sign up for private sessions with our expert pet trainers to strengthen your skills and confidence. You will see the change in your pet from the get-go. Simply put, our training works!

Basic Obedience & Manners Training

Training with Care

Receive personalized care from your instructor in the privacy of your own home. Our behavior expert will support you in building your skills and working with your pet to help realize your goals.

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Boarding & Daycare

Piece of Mind

We will watch over your pet like it was our own. Giving you piece of mind while your on vacation or just needing a break. Receive daily updates on your doggo!  

Daycare Starting at $20 per day.

Boarding Starting at $40 per night.

Train During Boarding Additional $40 per hour.

Board N' Train

Training with Compassion and Knowledge

Your dog will get one on one with Will during his daily training routines. We will discuss your goals for the training and set realistic achievements during that time. 

Starting at $250 per day.

Pet Sitting & Home Check-ins

All inclusive Animal and Home Care.

If you have ever felt uncomfortable with leaving your pets to a boarding faciltuy or you are concerend about the respiratory virus, this is an otion for you. We have 2 services: 

- Check-ins: We check in on your animals and your proerty making sure they have food and water. We stay at your property for 1 hour per visit to play with you animals. Starting at $20 per visit. 

- Pet Sitting: We stay at your house to create a presence and take care of your animals. Starting at $80 per day. 

WAK-9 Training is Licensed, Bonded, and Insure for Pet and House Sitting care!

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Doody Calls

Our Poo Squad is #1 in #2

Does your yard look like a war zone with landmines everywhere?

Let our Licensed, Bonded, and Insured team come in and clean up your stink bombs.


-First time clean up: $40 per hour

-Twice Weekly: $15 per visit

-Weekly: $35

Repeat Clients on call schedule $35 per hour.

Add $5 per dog for all services. 


Travel Charges

$10 will be added for every 15 miles from Madras. 


Our Story

As certified dog trainers and behavior consultants, Will has been training dogs since 2007. Will took a break in 2013 to focus on a hospitality career. When it came time for him to retire his long time service animal of 11 years, Dipstick was presented to him out of pure chance and fate.  He got in touch with Jake The Dog Trainer out of North Carolina to assist with some mental blocks when training Dipstick. Together, Dipstick and Jake worked tirelessly to get Will his confidence back. Jake is still a valued part in WAK-9 Training's success. Our training allows you to remain in the convenience of your own home or at our facilities, while receiving the best available techniques to address you and your pet’s specific needs and challenges. 

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Training Team

WAK-9 Training Team is built on passion. We take every dogs welfare into consideration when developing training programs that fit you and your dog's needs. 


Junior Trainer

Courney McCathron

Please welcome Junior Trainer on to the WAK-9 Training Team, Courtney McCathron.

“I really got into dog training when I adopted Ranger, my service dog. I believe in positive reinforcement methods and want to become a dog trainer to help dogs and their handlers bond so they can both live with more freedom and peace of mind.” 


Senior Trainer

Jessica Klein

Jessica comes with some training background in Behavior Modification, Board n Train, and Obedience. 

“I have wanted to work with animals since I was in elementary school. I’ve always been passionate about animals. When I got my first dog in high school I realized I was pretty good at teaching him things, and wanted to be a dog trainer. Thought it was an unrealistic career until I got my foot in the door at 22 years old. I worked as a kennel tech for 2 years and learned how much I loved training dogs. During that time I realized I wanted to learn more training styles than what I was taught in my time there. I have now completed some classes online and am excited to start my new journey of learning at WAK-9 Training.”

Boarding and Daycare Staff

We aim to support you and your pet in a family-like boarding and daycare setting. Any dog, any breed, any behavior. All are welcome here!


Co-Owner, Boarding and Daycare Manager                                                                                                                                                             
Karin O'Daniel                                                                                                                                                   

Please meet Karin O’Daniel, our boarding and daycare manager, office manager, and all other things poop scooping duty. Karin grew up in rural North Dakota with more dogs than you could count, cats, and horses. Karin grew up with a knowledge of dogs and desire to spend every waking moment with her dogs. This passion was driven by her mother Marilyn’s love of animals. Karin’s dad, Ken was never too excited about having this many dogs, and Karin and her mom would come home with new dogs frequently, to his dismay. Karin now looks back on these memories fondly, as her dad is passed on. She has also realized that karma can be a real kicker! Karin now tells Will very often “Don’t bring home another dog!” Karin and Will are the proud owners of seven dogs, and love every minute of it! 

Karin enjoys her days working with the dogs outside, playing with them, and helping them to learn and grow. Karin is not a dog trainer, but has learned a lot from Will and his experiences as a trainer. We work very hard in our dog daycare and boarding and include training techniques to ensure our dogs here are happy and healthy.


"We love what we do, we love your dogs, and we love this community! Many blessings to you and yours!

With love,


Over the past few years, I realized that I possess a love for dogs that I never knew existed. Dogs love unconditionally and I believe they teach us to do the same. Humans fail dogs consistently, yet dogs still offer their complete love and loyalty.


My dog, Hudson, was failed by humans and eventually ended up at the shelter where we crossed paths. Will, with WAK-9 Training, is helping me with Hudson’s training. Through training Hudson, I have fallen in love with the art (although training is science-based, the act of training truly is an art). I feel very passionate about the work that Will and WAK-9 do for this community and was honored when offered a position.


I was unsure what I wanted to do once completing my bachelor’s in psychology, but after working with Will, I realized that a career with dogs is where my passion lies. I feel this opportunity is a great stepping stone towards my dream career and I am eager to be a part of the WAK-9 Training team.

-Mayzie Nilles


Mayzie Nilles  



Daycare and Boarding Tech

JD Sorrelhorse

I was cautious with dogs and often was scared of them, before Courtney McCathron and her dog Sadie. Sadie is a Great Dane, a dog breed known for their size, so it was intimidating. They opened my eyes to the fact that not all dogs are crazy meat missiles. I am glad they did. I have realized that there is more to dogs than I had thought. I am glad to admit that I have and will continue to learn a lot about them.


Let Our Clients Do The Barkin'

Home: Testimonials

Pam G.

"We took Daphne (to the client walk) last week and learned a lot and was amazed at how far she has come. It is a great chance to get hands on training and advice with your dog in a controlled social setting. I never thought I would be able to take Daphne in public. Now I have hope I will be able to take her out of my house. Thank you Will O'Daniel !!"

Contact Us

At WAK-9 Training, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behavior. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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